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Tenants FAQ’s

Thanks for choosing me! What is next?

As mentioned in the Letter Of Acceptance, you’ll need to pay the bond and deposit to secure the property, this needs to be done in 24 hours once you accept the property unless approved otherwise by the property manager. The leasing department will continue to market the property and process competing applications until the property is secured.

Once payment has been received, we will send you a copy of the lease to sign via Sign Now, this is a new electronic way of signing the lease. If you have made an appointment with the property  manager to sign the lease in person, you will sign at the office and provided with a welcome pack. A time will then be determined when you can collect the keys and start moving in. 

When can I pick up the keys?

Once the bond and deposit have been received and the lease has been signed your property manager will make an appointment for you to collect the keys from our office. If you are unable to collect the keys, you can send a representative to collect on your behalf, please notify the property manager in writing with your approval. Please keep in mind that your representative will be signing documents on your behalf so they must be over the age of 18 and must present photo ID on collection. 

Where do I pick up the keys? 

Our office, located at 184 South Road, Mile End.

What is a pre-entry report and has there been one been completed on this property? 

A pre-entry condition report or ingoing inspection is a detailed report that is put together by our inspection manager detailing the current condition of the property such as marks on walls, garden, cleanliness, wear and tear etc. We document the properties condition and take over 1000 photos of the property prior to you moving in. You get a copy of the notes and are asked to complete the report and return it within two weeks of starting the lease. If you have any concerns, please take detailed photos of your own and note it in the report for your reference later on.

I noticed there were some marks on the walls, will they be cleaned before I move in? 

You will obtain the property in the condition it is in during the open inspection with the exception of the belongings of any existing tenants. It is worth asking the property manager if there is anything you are concerned about at the property.

Can you meet me at the property to give me the keys? 

No, this is not a service we offer.

How do I connect the gas and electricity?

We recommend using Direct Connect as your utilities connection provider, they will be able to help you through the process and ensure a one stop shop for all your needs and worries. If you do not wish to use Direct Connect, contact your chosen provider for assistance. 

How do I connect to the internet? 

Direct Connect can help you with this also or contact your preferred internet service provider for assistance. As it is the responsibility of the tenant to arrange internet services it is recommended that you speak to your service provider to ensure the connection meets your needs.

I need to give someone access to the property before I move in, how can this happen? 

Access can not be given until the lease commencement date. 

Can I collect the keys early to start moving my stuff in?

No, keys can only be collected on the day of lease commencement.

I have support from Housing SA, what do I do?

Once notified, the property manager will submit your details to Housing SA either via paper form or electronically. You will then need to advise Housing SA who will supply you with the required paperwork. Depending on your eligibility Housing SA will provide you with a cheque and/or a bond guarantee form. Ensure the bond form is signed correctly and handed into our office ASAP.

What is your procedure on maintenance? 

Shortly before your tenancy begins you will be invited to create a user profile and login with Maintenance Plus. This is the platform used for logging, assessing and auditing maintenance. You can find more information here.

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Kind Regards, 

Hadyn Lawson

Business Development Manager